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Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps
Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps


by Pearl
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SYLAX ® BUTTERFLY CHECK VALVE 2" & 2 1/2" - Cast iron body with SS 316 disc. EPDM seat liner.

The Sylax ® butterfly valve is a resilient-seated valve designed for many general industrial service
applications including commercial, irrigation, and municipal usage. The butterfly valve is composed of body, shaft,
disc, seat, bushing, shaft bearings, manual operator, etc. The manual operator drives the shaft and disc to
open/close the valve and control the flow.
Manufactured in lugged or wafer style cast iron body, the Stainless Steel or Nylon coated Ductile Iron disc and
EPDM liners are standard materials. We also offer NBR and Viton liners (consult the factory for availability). The standard valve ratings are listed below:

Standards / Ratings:

Nominal Diameters 2  (50mm) THRU 12  (300mm)
Max Working Temperature 230 º F (110 º C)
Max Pressure 200 psi (14 bar)
Flanges Rating ANSI 125 (B16.1)
Top Mounting ISO 5211

  • The product complies with the requirements of BS5155: 1984 (butterfly valves).
  • Low Lead Certified according to NSF/ANSI 372


  • Lever operated: depress the lever and turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise up to 90 º then release the  lever. (There are 10 locking positions between and including 0 º and 90 º)
  • Gear operated: turn the handwheel to drive the disc to the closed position and control the flow. To close  the valve turn the handwheel clockwise.
  • Actuator operated


  • Small in size and light in weight. Easy installation and maintenance, versatile installation.
  • Simple and compact construction. Quick 90 º on-off operation.
  • Minimized operating torque, energy saving.
  • Bubble-tight shut off.
  • Wide selection of materials, applicable for various media.
  • Flow curve modified linear, excellent regulation performance.
  • Extended service, high cycle life.