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Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps
Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps
Vertical multi-stage water pumps: redesigning for innovation

Vertical multi-stage water pumps: redesigning for innovation

The push towards innovation, constant attention paid to improvement and the desire to answer market needs more effectively are the reasons why we re-designed our MXV series multi-stage pumps.

They are universal pumps for civil and industrial applications, for pressure-boosting systems, fire-extinguishing systems, high-pressure washing plants, irrigation, agricultural uses and sport installations. And it is precisely from their application that the desire to widen the range and develop new technological solutions came about.

The re-design starting point was the MXV 50-16 multi-stage pump, characterised by a cast iron body and round coupling flanges. This model was replaced by two new models, MXV 50-15 and MXV 50-20 which, in addition to covering a larger capacity range, also perform better.

The differences and advantages in relation to the previous model involve both the material and the production details.

The cast iron was replaced with steel: all the components that come into contact with the fluid are now standard produced in stainless steel, which makes these pumps fully compatible for use with drinkable water, even in markets where WRAS certification is required.

If the choice of the material represents the quality excellence that Calpeda looks for in its products and the guarantee of safety that it gives to its customers, some new characteristics involve pump maintenance and installation practicality.

Firstly, the mechanical seal can be removed, so during maintenance the hydraulic part no longer needs to be dismantled. There is also a version with round or oval flanges up to 16 bar, which guarantees a double possibility of coupling; the round flanges can also be directed, making it easier to install in systems.

Even the maximum working temperature has increased, being taken up to 120°.

Finally, in relation to the increase in the range, a modular solution was chosen which contemplates all the sizes, from 1 to 17 stages. The innovations indicated for the MXV 50-15 and MXV 50-20 models will also be applied to the MXV series pumps of lower size.

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