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Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps
Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps

10” Submersible Water Pumps - Pearl -

The Pearl 10PWS stainless steel submersible pumps are made of high quality 304 or 316 corrosion resistant stainless steel. Shafts are made of high strength 431 stainless steel. The pumps are designed for efficient and dependable performance, and long and trouble-free life. The pumps are light in weight and ruggedly constructed for heavy duty applications.

  • Recommended range from  200 - 750 gpm.
  • Head up to 1794 ft.

  • Potable water supply from deep wells
  • Agricultural-Irrigation and livestock watering
  • Municipal and Industrial water supply
  • Pressure boosting
  • Mine dewatering
  • Fountains, etc.