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Pump Stop Online, Inc


Contractor, Success Stories and other Clients Featured Disclaimer

Pump Stop Online is drilled to work with contractors and individuals that find our marketplace convenient and supportive to their profession and jobs. In the case we have the chance to feature contractors, Success Stories and Clients in our website; we try to be as selective and fair as possible. However, we would like to make clear that our features do not imply an endorsement of any contractor or individuals. Pump Stop Online would support all contractors and clients and would attempt to be best of our ability, to act in a fare manner. Pump Stop Online would be supportive in the development of Contractor listings that can be featured in our web site, and all information that this listing would contain should be provided by the contractors themselves, and as such, Pump Stop Online makes no claim on personal recommendations or endorsements. It's the responsibility of each Buyer to carefully verify and select potential contractors to determine if they meet their individual needs. These contractors are listed as a convenience — their inclusion is not an endorsement. Pump Stop Online does not guarantee the quality of contractor’s products or their services. Pump Stop Online does not assume any liability arising out of the use of linked contractors or their products. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions, and accept no liability for incidental or consequential damages arising from using any of the linked contractors or their products.


Information Accuracy Disclaimer

At Pump Stop Online we make reasonable efforts to see that information and documents provided by and contained in our website are accurate and current. From time to time, documents in our web site may, nevertheless, contain inadvertent typographical mistakes, errors, omissions, and/or other technical or substantive inaccuracies. Pump Stop Online does not assume any risk or responsibility on claims arising from such situations and thus advices buyers that they assume the full risk and responsibility for the use of any information or documents obtained from Pump Stop Online and from our Web Site.


Recommendations Disclaimer

Recommendations, opinions or advice as to the choice, installation, or use of products are given for educational purposes only and shall be accepted at Buyer's risk and shall not constitute any warranty or guarantee of such products or their performance.


 Responsibility Disclaimer

Buyer assumes the full risk and responsibility for the use of any information or documents obtained from Pump Stop Online or accessed through our Internet Websites. Determination of suitability of any product for its intended use is exclusive of the Buyer, thus all risk arising in connection with that decision are the responsibility of the Buyer.


Installations and Repairs Information Disclaimer

In some cases, Pump Stop Online may present in their web site, Installation guides and product and parts manuals. These documents are only provided as reference tools. Neither the manufacturer nor the Pump Stop Online makes any representation or warranty of any kind to the Buyer that he or she is qualified to neither install nor make any repairs to the product. Pump Stop Online and the manufacturer expressly state and recommend that installation, repairs and parts replacements should be undertaken by qualified and competent technicians or contractors and not by the Buyer. All risk and liability arising out of installation or repair to the original product by the Buyer, are thus assumed by him or her.


Technical Information Disclaimer

The technical information provided by Pump Stop Online, either directly, or accessed through our website is for educational purposes only. We recommend that a licensed contractor installs all new systems and replaces existing pumps and motors. Pump Stop Online encourages Contractors and Clients to follow all local and national codes, as well as, strictly adhere to the manufactures recommendations for installation and use of the product. Failure to install in compliance with local and national codes and manufacturers recommendations may result in electrical shock, fire hazard, unsatisfactory performance, and equipment failure.


Trademarks, Manufacturer's Names & Logos Disclaimer

Pump Stop Online is an independent supplier and distributer of water pumps and water system products. All trademarks, manufacturer’s names and logos that are displayed in our documentation and web Site are the property of each manufacturer or its affiliates and are solely used within our web site and shopping cart to identify their respective products. We make no claim of representation of these manufactures.


 Transmission of Viruses Disclaimer

Computer viruses can be transmitted via email. The recipient should check this email and any attachments for the presence of viruses. The organization accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this email. Email transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secured or error-free, as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses. The sender, therefore, does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which arise as a result of email transmission.