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Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps
Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps

Calpeda T Series - Turbine Water Pumps with Peripheral Impeller

by Calpeda
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SKU T61 03H36S


Close-coupled Calpeda T Series peripheral pumps (regenerative pumps) with turbine impeller. Compact, patented construction with single-piece motor casing and pump-side wall. Protected against water entering the motor from outside.
Connections: threaded ports N PT.

T61 03H36S T 61-60 230/460V
T65 05A16S TM 65-60 115V
T65 05C16S TM 65-60 230V
T65 05H36S T 65-60 230/460V
T70 05A16S TM 70-60 115V
T70 05C16S TM 70-60 230V
T70 05H36S T 70-60 230/460V
T70H 07A16S TM 70-60 115V
T70H 07C16S TM 70-60 230V
T70H 07H36S T 70-60 230/460V
T76 10C16S TM 76-60 230V
T76 10H36S T 76-60 230/460V

Calpeda T Series Pump Applications:

  • For clean liquids without abrasives, without suspended solids, non-explosive, non-aggressive for the pump materials.
  • For increasing network pressure (follow local specifications).
  • For the reduced dimensions, these pumps are very well suitable to be mounted in cooling and air-conditioning machines and equipment, circulation, boiler feed.

Calpeda T Series Water Pump Operating Conditions

  • Liquid temperature from 14 F to 194 F.
  • Ambient temperature up to 104 C.
  • Total suction lift up to 23 ft.
  • Continuous duty.

Calpeda T Series - Motor

  • 2-pole induction motor, 60 Hz (n ¢â¬¹ ¢â¬œ 3450 rpm).
  • Three-phase 230/460 V.
  • Single-phase 115 V, 230 V, with thermal protector.
  • Capacitor inside the terminal box.
  • Insulation class F.
  • Protection IP 44.

Special Features On request available for Calpeda T Series Pumps

  • Different voltages.
  • Special mechanical seal
  • Higher or lower liquid or ambient temperatures.

Calpeda T Series Pumps Construction Materials

  • Pump casing: Cast iron GJL 200 EN 1561
  • Lantern bracket: Cast iron GJL 200 EN 1561
  • Casin cover: Brass CW510L (lead-free public LAW 111-380)
  • Cast iron GJL 200 EN 1561 for T76, TP 80
  • Impeller: Brass CW510L (lead-free public LAW 111-380)
  • Shaft: Chrome-nickel steel AISI 303 for T 76, Tp 80
  • Chrome steel AISI 430 for CT, T61-65-70
  • Mechanical seal: Carbon - Ceramic - NBR