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Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps
Up To 50% Off - Irrigation and Sprinkler Pumps

Bushing, Stainless Steel NPT Thread

by Pearl
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Original price $22.00
Current price $15.40
SKU 824101208NPT

Stainless Steel AISI 316 hexagonal bushing with a male threaded connection on one end and female threaded connection at the other end.

This fitting finds application when it is necessary to reduce the diameter of a pipe, starting from a male threaded connection.

Available in the following options:

824101208NPT 1/2"M X 1/4"F
824102012NPT 3/4"M X 1/4"F NPT
824102512NPT 1"M X 1/2"F NPT
824102520NPT 1"M X 3/4"F NPT
824103220NPT 1 1/4"M X 3/4"F NPT
824103225NPT 1 1/4"M X 1"F NPT
824104020NPT 1 1/2"M X 3/4"F NPT
824104025NPT 1 1/2"M X 1"F NPT
824104032NPT 1 1/2"M X 1 1/4"F NPT
824105025NPT 2"M X 1"F NPT (9-HF)
824105032NPT 2"M X 1 1/4"F NPT
824105040NPT 2"M X 1 1/2"F NPT